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Cheapest Followers
You can gain 1000 followers just for $2 with our app.
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There is no upper limit for buying followers in this app. You can reach 10k or more followers by continuously buying 1k followers.
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Your accounts will grow naturally and gain followers slowly.
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After the pool starts processing, you will receive your followers within a day at most.
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You can buy followers for multiple accounts at the same time.

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Service Rate Per 1K Min Order Max Order Description
Twitter Worldwide Followers $2.00 1000 Unlimited

Create Orders with API

Create orders from your SMM Panel using our free API.
Check the API documentation from here.

How It Works

Add Your Accounts to Queue
After adding your Twitter usernames to the relevant list, you need to add them to the queue to gain followers. After the pool becomes available, the accounts added to the queue will be automatically moved to the pool.
Wait for the Pool to Fill
Pools will be filled once it reaches 300 accounts or a countdown of 24 hours will begin once the pool reaches its threshold which is 50 accounts. Once the countdown has finished the pool will start processing even if it's not filled. Either way, you have to wait for other users to add accounts to the pool. Then the process will start.
Process Completed!
Once the pool starts processing, your followers will be sent to you slowly. All of your followers will be sent to you within the estimated time.
User Friendly Dashboard
An interface that stands out with its ease of use.
Night Mode Support
Night mode support to avoid eyestrain.
Responsive Design
A responsive design that you can use on any device you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to enter my account credentials to get followers?
No, all we need is your account's username.
What is the least number of followers I can buy?
You can buy 1000 followers at minimum.
How many followers can I buy at most?
There is no limit for that. You can buy followers as much as you want.
Will I gain exactly 1000 followers for each process?
No, this number may change by %10. Thus, you will gain between 900 and 1100 followers.
Will my followers decrease in time?
There is no guarantee for that. You may lose %10 of your followers after they've been sent to you.
Will you send new ones for the followers I lost?
No, we unfortunately cannot recoup the loss, as we do not provide any guarantee to this.
I bought followers. Will my Twitter account get suspended?
Buying followers is not a valid reason for your account to get suspended.
My Twitter account is private. Can I still get followers?
Yes, your followers will be sent to you. But you have to accept all of them one by one.
How can I pay?
With the "+" button on the Balance section after you logged in.
How can I add accounts?
Add your Twitter account's username to the "Your Accounts" section. Please make sure you entered your username right, this is your responsibility.
What is Pool?
Pool is the section containing the accounts that the followers will be sent to. Once it starts processing, followers will be sent to accounts in it.
What is Queue?
Queue is the section containing the accounts that will added to pool. Accounts in here will be automatically moved to the pool once pool is available.
How many accounts can I add to pool at the same time?
All of your accounts. Don't forget that your accounts will be added to queue first, and then to pool when it becomes available.
I added my accounts, what do I do now?
After you add balance to your account, you have to add your Twitter accounts to the queue. Then you'll start getting followers once the pool starts processing.
My account is at the pool. When will I get my followers?
There is no time for that. Process starts once account count in pool reaches 300 or when the 24-hour countdown that begins when account count reaches 50, finished. And this is only possible if other users add accounts to the pool.